Avanti Peer Advisory

Avanti Peer Group is for business owners who want to collaborate and learn from each other.  

The mission of this group is to provide a safe and confidential setting where business owners can present questions, challenges and/or opportunities. Members receive objective feedback and experience sharing that helps everyone participating in the group move forward.

How It Works: 

Once a month, we get together for about three hours. Members start the hour with collaborating and hors devours and then move on to a format of learning from each other.  Between meetings, members are encouraged to continue their conversations. One way to do this is through the Avanti Peer Group Slack App and closed Facebook Group.   

What Does It Cost? 

Many groups similar to the Avanti Peer Group can cost anywhere from $5,000 - $15,000 or more each year. Not the Avanti Peer Group! Our goal is to provide a learning and collaborating environment for small and middle-stage entrepreneurs and leaders in their industries. However, this group is not free because we are looking for committed and engaged members. If you pay for something, you’re more likely to be engage.

If interested, please contact David Mammano at David@DavidMammano.com or call (585) 317-8254.



“Avanti Peer Group is made up of a variety of entrepreneurs with wide-ranging skills and experiences. With all of the individual strengths, I have been able to use each member as a sounding board with any idea or issue that has crossed my path." —Jennifer Cave, Owner, Rochester Research Associates, LLC

“The Avanti Peer Group has been a tremendous value to me and my business. I help advise small business owners financially and always want to improve upon our services. To be able to get feedback from other business owners and leaders within my Avanti group is immensely valuable for me and for my clients. Honest and thoughtful feedback is hard to find in business but that is just what I receive every month from the Avanti Peer Group meetings." —Kevin Conroy, Partner, RP Damico and Associates

“The Avanti Peer Group has been a great way to interact with other small business owners and entrepreneurs. The Board provides a safe space to discuss ideas and concerns surrounding the many facets of operating a business. We’ve learned a great deal by engaging in conversations about our business and by listening to the challenges other businesses face." —Ashley Biryla, Owner, Co-Founder Compass Cycle Studio

“The Avanti Peer Group brings together a diverse group of perspectives and experiences. The collective intent of wanting to help one another succeed is its true value." —Heidi Trost, Director of UX, HT Design Studio, LLC

“David Mammano is a super connector and the caliber of individuals that make up the Avanti Peer Group demonstrates that. If you want to have confidential, yet open discussion about problem solving business issues, I recommend joining this group."—Antonio Calabrese, CEO at boonle.com

“As an entrepreneur and founder, I understand a key component to successfully growing my high-tech small business is connecting with leaders of other small businesses so we can help each other by sharing knowledge, experience, and expertise. The Avanti Peer Group helps to facilitate this process at a very reasonable price.” —Eric Leinberg, President & Founder, Infopreserve

“The Avanti Peer Group has been a great use of my time. It is a unique opportunity to meet small business owners/entrepreneurs who are interested in networking, idea sharing, tapping into the minds of their peers with issues they face as business owners, etc. and the setting in which we do it is relaxed but professional. The investment is a nominal one based on the value the group has received. Thanks, Dave, for putting this idea into action!" —Tom Queri, ChFC, Sr. Vice President and Managing Principal of Financial Partners of Upstate NY