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Andrea Baldecchi Feldman

The Key Factors That Accelerate Business Growth, with Andrea Baldecchi Feldman

Andrea Baldecchi Feldman is a brand strategy and operational marketing executive and strategic advisor to emerging and growth businesses. She has more than 20 years of experience in CPG Brand Management and Strategic Advisory services from best-in-class corporate organizations such as Kraft Foods, Coty Inc, and JP Morgan, as well as various mid-market and entrepreneurial ventures. She has extensive experience in P&L holding brand management roles, brand strategy, innovation and new product development, product commercialization, and operational business advisory.

In 2016, Andrea co-founded IT WILL BLOOM, an advisory firm that provides Marketing and Financial advisory to early stage companies. IT WILL BLOOM’s services include strategic planning and hands-on operational support that enables emerging and growth stage companies to accelerate growth.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

• The keys to success and why they rely on a clear strategy setting

• Andrea’s journey that led her down a path to opening It Will Bloom

• Working with early-stage companies and becoming involved with female entrepreneurs

• Using marketing and branding disciplines to enable your business to accelerate growth

• Proactively marketing yourself and your business

• Advice for entrepreneurs who work with a business partner

• The challenges small to medium-sized entrepreneurs have that immediately need help

• Understanding who your customer is and knowing your business’s clear point-of-difference

• Positioning your business in the market that’s relative to your point-of-difference

• Having a strong concept and marketing it correctly

• The need to have a clear P&L and awareness of cash-flow implications

• Understanding the underlying financial elements and business trends that impact your forecasting

• Why investors want a clear articulation of what the problem is in the industry and how you’re solving it

• Making sure everyone in the company aligns with your brand’s values and essence