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Andy Buyting

Own the Ink in Your Industry, with Andy Buyting

Andy Buyting is the President & CEO of Carle Publishing. Andy understands business and what it takes to run a successful company. As an independent retailer for 15 years, he learned the trials and tribulations of competing against national brands constantly stealing market share. 

He took that knowledge and launched Carle Publishing in 2014 with the purpose of enabling Client-Partners to “Own the Ink in Their Industry” differentiating them in their marketplace. This passion is what drives Andy and his company each and every day. 

Andy is a graduate of the Birthing Of Giants program presented by MIT University, Inc Magazine & Entrepreneurs Organization (EO), and is currently enrolled in the annual Gather Of Titans program at MIT. He has been a member of the Toronto chapter of Entrepreneur’s Organization (EO) for 15 years. Andy is also a Certified Gazelles International Strategic Advisor and the author of Own the Ink; How to Influence People in a Digital World. 

The Carle Publishing team fulfills its purpose with Client-Partners in two ways:
• By publishing and distributing your very own custom branded print magazine in as few as 4 hours of time and for little to no cost. 
• By easily enhancing your digital marketing media strategy to include a professionally edited suite of videos, audio podcasts, listicles and articles in just 30 minutes of your time and from the comforts of your office.  

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

• Owning the ink in your industry: becoming the thought leader that people regularly read

• The magazine that Andy published in the garden center industry that caught the eye of others in the industry

• How he reinvented himself and started producing magazines for others

• Why publishing a magazine helps establish you as an authority in your marketplace

• Andy’s work as a Gazelle’s coach: someone who is certified on Verne Harnish’s content who works with companies over an extended period of time to help them plan and execute in their business on a regular rhythm

• The processes Andy’s team has in place that helps them be the most efficient company in this magazine publishing space

• How Carle Publishing makes the publishing process easy, effective, and economical for their clients

• How they help their clients fill their magazine with articles from experts and ghostwriters to create custom content

• Carle’s whole digital marketing solution that focuses on three pillars: digital, print, and interactive

• The gripping story of how Andy lost his first business and was forced to reinvent himself

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