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Angela Szafran

Overcome Every Obstacle, with Angela Szafran

Angela Szafran began her career in the financial services industry back in 2003 at M&T Securities and in 2011 joined Alliance Advisory Group as a Financial Specialist. Understanding that planning for a secure financial future can be difficult and confusing for many people, Angela works closely with her clients through each aspect of creating a plan to help them reach their goals and seize the opportunities that present themselves. She helps her clients gain clarity and confidence in their financial lives to empower them to achieve financial freedom. She is so dedicated to educating others because she knows all too well what could happen if you do not have your finances in order and properly protected. In her spare time, she feeds her tremendous love for the stage and theater and tries to perform in as many shows as she can.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

• How to have a success mindset and transcend your difficulties

• What Angela’s attitude has to do with the success she has achieved

• Why being “your own best client” can save your life

• The best way to ensure that failure isn’t an option for you

• How to avoid making yourself a victim and see your way forward

• Why you need to get in touch with your “why” today

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