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Becca Brown

Expand Your Products Without Losing Your Essence, with Becca Brown

Becca Brown co-founded SoleMates with her partner Monica Ferguson. Becca graduated from Harvard College and Columbia Business School. She worked at Goldman Sachs in New York and London in various sales and management roles. Her partner Monica Ferguson graduated from Georgetown University and Columbia Business School and worked at Goldman Sachs in New York in sales and training roles.

Then they went on to invent and patent the SoleMates High Heeler, the heel cap that prevents high heels from sinking into the grass. They introduced the new product to the market and built a sales and distribution network of over 2500 doors across 50 states and Canada. They garnered the endorsements of celebrities such as, Oprah, Lauren Conrad, Carrie Underwood, Demi Lovato, and more. They created a brand of personal care and fashion solutions. They competed on season eight of ABC's Shark Tank.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

• The backstory behind SoleMates and finding a solution in a market when there wasn’t one

• Networking with other people who invented products and obtaining a list of the Top 100 injection molders

• Stepping out as an entrepreneur and discovering the correct questions to ask

• The journey that led Becca and her partner to quit their day jobs

• Being satisfied with your accomplishments but also planning for your company’s future

• Expanding new products without losing the core essence of your brand

• Surrounding yourself with an organic group of entrepreneurs while on your journey

• The Shark Tank alumni group and the powerful platform that the show provided

• Generating press for your brand and looking for opportunities in the strangest places

• Providing press with new information that creates a desire to promote

• The mechanical engineering behind their product and solving the pressure equation

• Thoughts and advice for new entrepreneurs, plus a personal book recommendation