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Chris Hallberg

Building a Business Operating System, with Chris Hallberg

Chris Hallberg, “The Business Sergeant,” is a seasoned business consultant, turnaround expert, United States Army veteran, and author of The Business Sergeant’s Field Manual. Ranked #9 on Inc.’s “Top 50 Leadership and Management Experts,” Hallberg possesses over 25 years of professional excellence—with his career first beginning in the military. 

At the age of 17, he joined the Army National Guard and became a sergeant within four years, leading soldiers in both dynamic and challenging environments. After serving in uniform, he began his business career in sales and marketing and quickly rose through the ranks from sales manager to vice president. 

In 2009, he founded an energy efficient remodeling business whose revenue scaled to $2M+ within the first year. Hallberg then sold the company after two years of profitable operations with over 20% net profit to the bottom line. In 2014, he founded Traction Inc., a business advisory company, to focus full-time as one of 65 Certified EOS® Implementers nationally. He currently resides in Denver, Colorado with his wife and two sons.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

• EOS: the Entrepreneurial Operating System created to simply synchronize all the moving parts of a business

• Why the EOS takes time to implement but is proven to get results

• The 6 key components of EOS

• Vision: the difference between businesses that fail and succeed in their first 5 years

• People: putting the right people in the right seats in your business

• Data: creating a scorecard for measuring results and getting rid of misperceptions about who delivers and who doesn’t

• Issues: building an open and honest format for discussing issues

• Process: documenting the 20% that brings in the 80%

• Traction: creating 90 day “rocks” to work on

• "The Business Sergeant's Field Manual": Chris’ book about adopting a military-based team building mindset and building a business operating system

• The importance of taking care of yourself

• Why you need a peer group, a hobby/club, personal coaching, a fitness routine, vacations, time to serve your community, and to be a mentor