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Christine Gritmon

Social Media for Small Businesses, with Christine Gritmon

Christine Gritmon is 36 and on her fourth career. After Vassar, she spent nearly a decade in the corporate beauty industry which taught her a lot about marketing and branding. She then went back to study graphic design at Parsons and when her son was born became a freelance graphic designer, local lifestyle journalist, and creator of funny Photoshops for a comedy website. When her daughter was born, Christine became a full-time journalist with The Journal News which broadened her horizons exponentially and helped her become a real fixture in the community. She also learned a LOT about social media from our newsroom audience analyst, and after supplementing that with some education (training programs, lots of reading, etc.), she decided to combine her love of social media and small local business and become a social media manager. 

She’s also the proud wife of Greg (like everything else in her life, she found him online), mom of two great kids plus a cat and a dog. She’s also become something of an activist recently.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

• Using natural gifts and talents to be successful

• Getting over “imposter syndrome”

• Why it’s important to get rid of your excuses

• What makes so many small businesses hesitant to start a social media presence

• Why small businesses should figure out what their point of difference is

• The questions Christine asks small businesses that help them develop a strong social media presence

• Why you should “launch a beacon” and position yourself as an expert in a specific area

• How to attract extra people to your business

• Common errors small businesses makes in social media

• Which social media platforms small businesses should focus on

• The changing landscape of Twitter and LinkedIn

• Challenges Christine faces in helping small businesses

• The first steps a business should take when developing a social media presence

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