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Danny Schuman

The Worst Business Model in the World, with Danny Schuman

When Danny Schuman lost his ad agency job in December 2008 – during the worst economic downturn of the past 75 years – he channeled his passion to solve problems and create ideas to become a different kind of entrepreneur. With no formal business training and very little business ability, Danny launched a successful marketing consultancy within a year of his layoff, and 10 years later his business is still going strong. He has shared that terrible but wonderful model for success in his new book: The Worst Business Model in the World: A New Kind of Guide for a New Kind of Entrepreneur, an easy-to-digest, non-business-y business book and roadmap to pursuing your dreams.

As Danny grew Twist and further developed the Worst Business Model concept, he plugged into Chicago’s entrepreneurial community to connect with other founders and study their business opportunities and challenges. He interviewed more than 100 entrepreneurs and began speaking, teaching, and workshopping at Chicago Ideas Week, Northwestern University, the University of Chicago, tech incubator 1871, as well as many co-working spaces and entrepreneurial associations.

Prior to launching Twist, Danny spent many years as a copywriter and Creative Director at top Chicago advertising agencies, working on accounts like Coors Light and Gatorade. Danny and Michael Jordan worked together on 10 commercial shoots over 16 years. Michael called Danny Peanut-Butter-Jelly-Boy, but that’s a story for another time. Danny is a rabid baseball and Cubs fan who regularly re-watches Game 7 of the 2016 World Series, and has been to 35 (past and present) major league ballparks. A University of Michigan graduate, Danny and his wife live in the Chicago suburbs and love being empty-nesters, but don’t tell their kids that.