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Becoming a Small Giant with Hamsa Daher

Hamsa Daher is a business leader who is passionate about people, process, and growth. She grew up in Baghdad, Iraq, moving to the U.S in 1991. Her first language is Arabic, and she speaks English and Spanish. Hamsa received her bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from Wayne State University and her MBA from Walsh College.

After college, Hamsa worked for an immigration agency to help refugee and asylee populations assimilate into the US, learn English, and find employment. She then joined Walsh College as their first international student advisor where she helped recruit, admit and counsel over 400 international students over a period of 9 years.

In her four years at Mango Languages, Hamsa recruited and mentored many employees, providing outstanding leadership. She was promoted to the COO/Integrator role in 2012 and helped lead Mango to its most successful year in 2014. Then she joined Small Giants where she's helping to identify, connect & develop purpose-driven leaders.

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Email: hamsa@smallgiant.org 

Company: Small Giants Website
Twitter Handle: @hamsaSYD