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Heather Manzano

Developing as a Leader to Develop Leaders, with Heather Manzano

Speaker, Trainer, professional Coach and Mentor, Heather Manzano’s life’s work is focused on leadership development, professional skills and personal growth. For more than two decades Heather has worked within Corporate America as senior management, focusing her energies on creating cultures that foster growth. She is particularly gifted at fostering rapid transformation of toxic work cultures into growth cultures. Her decades of success in corporate leadership combined with being trained and mentored by John Maxwell (Forbes & Inc Magazine’s #1 rated Leadership Author and Amazon, NYT Best seller) and the world-class faculty mentors at the John Maxwell Team have given Heather a powerful understanding of how people and companies work and how they can work more effectively towards their highest potential.

Heather’s business, Manzano Consulting, is dedicated to helping business leaders develop their number one asset – their people – in order to help them achieve their highest need: Financial Stability.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Heather’s gift for fostering the transformation of toxic work cultures into growth cultures
  • How Heather helps business leaders develop their people (their most important assets) to help them achieve their highest needs and create financial stability
  • Heather’s inspiration for reaching out to John Maxwell to create a new life for herself despite the fact that she already had the proverbial, “all”
  • How Heather parlayed her skills in employee and leadership development (from her corporate career) into a successful, thriving, and fulfilling consulting business
  • The way Heather’s desire for personal growth and professional development led her to reach out to a leader in both so she could become a better leader
  • Why Heather believes it’s important to follow the leadership of someone who resonates with you and how she dove into the training materials John Maxwell offered and when the John Maxwell team came into being, it was a natural fit for her to continue her education and get certified
  • The way Heather’s efforts to improve herself and advance her corporate career became the catalyst for so much more
  • Not burning bridges: how Heather was able to not only transition to her career as a consultant with her former employer’s blessing, but also with their business as her first client
  • Passion: the importance of finding it and making it work for you and when you do, you have to be willing to take the big steps and make the leap of faith
  • How Heather did took the leap of faith, even though she was terrified of leaving the security of a weekly paycheck behind
  • The Law of the Lid: what it is and what it means for leaders and their teams (plus, how raising your lid raises the lid for every member of your team)
  • Why Heather believes we must continuously be growing or dying
  • Why your weaknesses are never going to be your strengths and why your time is better spent developing your weaknesses to the point they no longer hold you back and the rest of your time strengthening and bolstering your strengths