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Heidi Trost

The Importance of a Good User Experience, with Heidi Trost

As founder and director of UX at Voice+Code, Heidi helps clients demonstrate a positive return on investment in their digital products by strategically measuring and optimizing the customer experience. Voice+Code is one of few firms that understands that digital properties are living things. That means understanding the voice of the customer as well as understanding the technology behind what makes a great digital product. Heidi has been an adjunct professor at Pratt and Rochester Institute of Technology and has an MS degree from Rochester Institute of Technology. 

Heidi Trost is a force of nature when it comes to helping businesses enable the Ready, Aim, Fire Approach (most are guilty of mixing up the order). Heidi is a user experience expert and shares her tips about the right way to launch a new product and/or business. She also is a proud self-professed nerd and admits that if she could go back in time and meet anyone in history, it would be Nikola Tesla!


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