Jason Wojo

Creating a Life of Wealth, in EVERY area, with Jason Wojo

Jason Wojo grew up in a small town in Massachusetts. He was a high school athlete, as well as a pole vaulter at UMass. He has two BS degrees, one MS and one Ph.D.  He thought he was going to be a scientist, and graduated from Duke with Ph.D. Jason was also a national level competitive bodybuilder--now a judge for competitions. 

Jason got first job after earning his Ph.D. working for the Navy doing bio/chem warfare research in D.C. He didn’t like it, so he got into real estate investing full time

Jason became a coach for Lifeonaire in 2014, a public speaker in 2015, and a CEO in 2016. Has had several businesses, including real estate broker, fitness coach,  real estate investing, real estate investing coach, real estate investors association. 

Jason plays guitar in a worship band at church (one of top 50 largest in country). He is on the leadership team in stewardship ministry at church. Jason is the current president of National Speakers Association (NSA) Carolinas chapter. Jason is married with a 19-yr-old daughter and 10-month old. 

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