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Javier Montes

Bridging the Generational Gap and Working with Millennials, with Javier Montes

As a millennial himself, Javier Montes has spent his entire entrepreneurial journey working almost exclusively with a millennial workforce. He has built a successful event entertainment company in South Florida and now he is sharing how he experienced such success with a team of millennials.

Javier is on a mission to bridge the gap between Gen X’ers and Millennials in the world. He writes and speaks regularly on this topic, and recently published his first book “Millennial Workforce: Cracking the Code to Generation Y in Your Company.” 

As one of the most dynamic speakers on the planet, Javier’s passion, drive, and excitement is obvious from the moment he takes the stage. His energy is highly contagious and he has an uncanny ability to engage and connect with his audience. 

Javier currently lives in sunny Miami with his wife and 2 gorgeous daughters. On his free time, he enjoys almost any activities that involve water.  He is a pizza connoisseur and enjoys networking with other like-minded entrepreneurs. Javier is a proud member of the EO South Florida chapter and currently sits on the Board of the Accelerator Program.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

• Javier's background and why he got started as an entrepreneur

• Bridging the gap between Millennials and other generations

• How becoming a DJ as a child taught Javier the basics of creating a business

• Why working in corporate America made Javier finally follow his dreams

• The questions Javier most frequently gets about working with Millennials

• The definitions of Gen-X, Gen-Y, and Gen-Z

• Why Javier's combination of the Millennial experience and the Gen-X mindset is the key to his success

• Why Millennials cannot be ignored in the workforce

• The important differences between Gen-X and Gen-Y

• Why it matters to your business that Millennials are considered "tech-dependent"

• Three actionable plans for working with Millennials

• The difference between managing and leading

• How to be the "right person" for talented employees

• The changing definition of entrepreneurism  

• The advantage of the "startup" mindset

• The importance of articulating your company's purpose  

• How Millennials define success and how to meet their needs

• Why great experiences may be more valuable than money

• The early mistakes Javier made in his career and what he learned from them

• How focusing on results and having clear KPIs yields the best work

• Javier's favorite charity