Jeff Koser

How to Sell To Zebras, with Jeff Koser

Jeff is the spirited founder and CEO of Selling to Zebras (STZ). STZ is the software company that helps organizations sell more. The Selling to Zebras™ software platform helps start each sales engagement in a better place.

STZ launched the newest version of the Selling to Zebras™ software platform last September. The Selling to Zebras™ software provides “insights” that help identify Zebras, Power (the person who can buy even without a budget) and the Power-level critical business issues which, when solved, create measurable value. Eliminate the waste associated with chasing deals that will not close 85% of the time. Pursue Zebras and close 90% of the business you pursue faster, more easily and more profitably. As an important by-product, the Selling to Zebras™ software ends the busy work associated with entering CRM and forecast data. The Selling to Zebras™ software is a real-time up-to-date CRM or can be integrated with your present CRM, eliminating the need to do separate updates in preparation for a forecast or business review.

What business problem does Selling to Zebras solve? We solve the problem of how to find, close, implement, retain and expand your perfect profile customers, a.k.a. Zebras.

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