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Kris Kaplan

How Fun Breeds Success, with Kris Kaplan

When organizations need to Kickstart Clarity, they call on Kris Kaplan for assistance. He is the Common Everyday Overachiever at K2 - a company he founded that KickStarts Clarity for organizations and their people to become better versions of themselves.

Kris Kaplan is a firm believer that if you’re not having fun at what you do, maybe you’re doing it wrong. After 20+ years of being an entrepreneur who built a company from 0-8 figures, Kris decided it was time to guide others. Following on the same principals that scaled his company, he starts with getting clarity around Purpose+Vision+Values, helps you find a better way, “GiddyUp” and make it happen, create your tribe, and keep and fuel the passion. He is now a coach to entrepreneurs, CEO's, and other high performing individuals, providing them with the tools to make it happen. It is that methodology that inspired his Book “GiddyUp,” a kick-start guide to an awesome life.

Kris brings energy, passion, knowledge, and determination to growth-oriented, mid-market companies. He brings over 20 years of business experience, a life-long passion for personal development and growth, plus the dedication to make things happen. At home, he is a husband to his wonderful wife since 1999, father of their two amazing kiddos, and to keep healthy he is a 5x Ironman finisher with a passion for exercise and healthy living.

What you will learn about in this episode:

  • How freedom of choice impacts us at a basic level
  • Kris’ previous struggle with drugs and alcohol, as well as his inner potential to break free of its restraints to pursue new opportunities
  • How the inner workings of motivation, as well as how maintaining a healthy inner life is crucial to business formation, coaching others, and thinking about a bigger picture
  • Why the power of prayer and purpose transform a person’s life, giving them the ability to make intelligent business decisions which are both long-lasting and effective
  • How Kris has inspired other entrepreneurs to see the best versions of themselves
  • Why old age isn’t necessarily a stopping point for growth
  • Kris’ 25-year plan, which is enriched by fun activities, exercise, and the investment in new opportunities
  • Why middle-age entrepreneurs still have a place in our modern business world
  • Why it’s important to “know where you want to go,” to direct, and succeed, with a business
  • The power of Google in pursuing new opportunities
  • The must-read books for budding and middle-aged entrepreneurs alike, focusing on the power of education and the pursuit of knowledge during an entrepreneur’s life
  • Kris’ winning morning routine, which focuses on joy, thoughtful practices and focusing on new ways to be productive
  • Kris’ astounding successes as an entrepreneur, giving listeners some factual insight as to why a positive approach to business, and life, is incredibly important