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Larry Broughton

The Value of VICTORY in Business, with Larry Broughton

Larry Broughton brings a vast amount of business experience to the table. As is an award-winning entrepreneur and CEO, bestselling author, serial entrepreneur, keynote speaker, and former Special Forces Operator, he has much to share as he talks about his experiences in business and some of the key concepts in his book, "VICTORY: 7 Revolutionary Strategies to Launch Your Business, Elevate Your Impact and Transform Your Life."

He is the Founder & CEO of broughtonHOTELS, a leader in the boutique hotel industry; and yoogozi.com, an inspirational online learning forum for leaders and high achievers. Larry has received several business awards, including Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year®; the National Veteran-Owned Business Association’s Vetrepreneur® of the Year; Coastline Foundation’s Visionary of the Year; Passkeys Foundation’s Business Leader of Integrity; and Entrepreneur Magazine included his firm on their Hot 500 List of Fastest Growing Private Companies.

What you'll learn about in this episode:

  • Why you should surround yourself with people bolder and brighter so you can be the conductor of the orchestra as these high performers move the organization forward
  • Reasons you should do more than "manage down
  • The importance of knowing what you are great at and love so that you can delete, delegate, or defer the rest
  • Why you should never abdicate the checkbook or the personal and business brand that you market
  • The value of strength finders and assessments to make sure that you hire people that bring different skills to the table and never stack the deck with too many people who have the same weaknesses as you
  • The significance of building your personal brand along with your business brand so that if a particular business initiative goes to the side, you still have a well-developed personal brand that people have identified
  • Reasons he wrote a second edition of his VICTORY book, taking it beyond the military entrepreneur audience of the first edition to focus on the message that entrepreneurs who serve other people play an instrumental role in society
  • Why strategic planning needs to be considered on a step-by-step basis
  • Why we should rid ourselves of negative chatter in our minds, especially before going to bed at night, and instead focus on our strengths and momentum to move forward