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Mario Natarelli

Successful Marketing and Branding for Businesses, with Mario Natarelli

Mario is a trusted advisor to executives and their companies looking to leverage their most important asset — their brand. By first being able to uniquely understand a brand’s true challenges and untapped potential, then through deliberate and extensive analysis, he has helped major fortune 500 companies and even entire countries tangibly transform, align their cultures and deliver unprecedented growth and value.

Trained as an architect early in his career, Mario uses these fundamentals to balance the art and science of brand building. He understands that a brand’s essence and their cultures emanate from their strategic core outwards. And, having built a successful digital marketing business that was acquired by Interpublicand became part of the formation of FutureBrand, he is keenly aware of the role that digital plays and has pioneered software as a digital operating system for optimizing and managing brands.

Over the past 17 years, he has led teams across three continents, working for clients of varying size and industry focus, mostly in the areas of technology, real estate, travel, sports, and hospitality. Along the way, he has developed a proprietary set of frameworks, processes, and tools that deliver proven results. As important as the brands he has helped create or enhance, Mario is proudest to lead a multidisciplinary, multicultural, multigenerational team looking to expertly solve problems. His love of architecture has inspired his work in destination, real estate and luxury categories, where he has helped shape a quarter-trillion dollars of value.

Mario has a Bachelor’s in Architecture from the University of Toronto. He lives and plays in New York City.

What you'll learn about in this episode:

• The main differences between the United States and Canada from a business perspective

• How companies can find and develop a brand that works well for them

• How companies can discover a healthy market for their brand

• Which company brands are succeeding and the reasons behind their success

• Why strong brands are driven by emotion

• The importance of understanding your stakeholders and the impact they should have on your brand

• How to develop an understanding of the focus of a brand

• How the biggest failures lead to the biggest lessons learned

• The importance of managing stress and avoiding overexerting yourself

• The importance of taking care of your health with meditation, exercise, and a plant-based diet

• The importance of being team-focused and making sure that employees come first