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Michael Sabat

New Trends in Digital Marketing, with Michael Sabat

Michael Sabat has worked in the messaging space for a decade. He started working with SMS campaigns in 2008 at Mobile Commons. He was the first account manager and helped hundreds of organizations launch thousands of SMS campaigns.

Recently he started @Mssg (At Message), which is a platform that helps digital directors and digital marketers use Facebook Messenger for marketing and communications outcomes. Michael believes that messaging is the marketing and communications channel for mobile. His mission is to help organizations understand the channel and launch successful messaging campaigns.

He also hosts a podcast called The Chat Bubble. It's a podcast about messaging and related technologies.

What you'll learn about in this episode:

  • How we have moved beyond the desktop era where emails and web pages were most effective into an era where our marketing efforts have to thrive on mobile devices
  • Developing our marketing plans to match that customers are primarily mobile and use Facebook Messenger on portable devices
  • Ways that businesses, non-profits, and other entities with Facebook pages can conduct human-monitored or automated conversations
  • Why Michael encourages businesses to send customers into a live or automated Messenger conversation from their Facebook page rather than to web pages that do not convert very well onto a mobile device
  • How automated conversations on Messenger have the potential to collect information that we once captured on web forms with the added benefit of having a live operator jump in if necessary
  • How we can send prospective customers to our Facebook Messenger portal and have an auto responder help us do some of the work such as triage to determine the person’s interest in coming to our Facebook ads
  • Ways that Messenger has the potential to be a better and more effective marketing channel than email blasts or static web pages by giving us the ability to drive conversations, collect data, and create action
  • How appropriate staff at businesses need to have clear objectives and at least a basic understanding of how social media platforms such as Facebook operate to optimize the potential of Facebook Messenger
  • Why Michael believes that messaging on a digital platform that emphasizes mobile devices is becoming a preferred way for us to interact with customers today
  • How many small businesses make mistakes when rushing to do a “new thing” by failing to understand the success they would have by making the experience similar to the way that people already use technology to interact with family and friends

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