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Paola Girotti

Combining Sugar and Hair Removal for Sweet Success, with Paola Girotti

Back in 1985, when Paola was growing up in St. Catharines, she began to experience body hair growth at an early age. As she entered her teenage years, these physical changes were making her less confident in her own skin. Hair removal is a very personal and uncomfortable conversation to have when you’re young, and on top of that, Paola had sensitive skin. Shaving her hair was becoming too frequent of a task and waxing was causing skin irritation and ingrown hairs.

Paola’s mom looked around for other hair removal solutions. She ended up discovering Sugaring and took her to a Sugarist who turned out to be a pioneer in the industry of body hair removal. The method was all-natural and less painful and it turned out that Sugaring was the perfect solution for her.


Body and facial hair removal is so intimate and can come with so much stigma and pressure, but is a deeply personal choice. After Paola experienced the magic and confidence after Sugaring, she wanted to share this with even more women like her, with no shame and no judgment. With just a loan from her mom, who always supported her journey, she started Sugarmoon Salon.


Over nearly two decades, Paola has witnessed a change and women are finally feeling more confident to discuss the former taboos of facial and body hair. One by one, her team is helping people be beautiful and feel good about it.® As an owner, operator, she still loves interacting with her clients face to face.


“I am passionate about empowering women, creating a safe and supportive work environment that compensates fairly and providing all my staff with an opportunity to invest and save. I believe in the power of volunteering and have invested in an employee-supported volunteer program (esv) with partners in our own communities.”


Today Sugarmoon has gone far beyond that first salon. With locations across Toronto, a line of natural beauty and skincare products and now franchises in Canada, the United States and Britain, so that more people can access a sweet alternative to hair removal.


Over nearly two decades of business, Sugarmoon has gone from one little salon in Toronto to multiple locations across the city of Toronto with a loyal clientele. In Toronto, Sugarmoon is widely recognized as an industry leader in hair removal.


Sugarmoon believes in beauty from the inside out and it has been our experience that a body positive (bopo) environment, for both women and men, leads to happy customers.


Sugarmoon is about empowering women to be the best that they can be in an open, positive and supportive workplace. Our staff are committed to exceptional customer service, providing the best treatments and services for every client. All of our staff members are certified sugarists that specialize in hair removal. Not to mention the other services that we provide – facials, eyebrow shaping, tinting and more. Our Sugarmoon Academy® has been empowering women for the last 17 years with the sound teachings of the Art of Body Sugaring. We have a trusted successful business model that is geared for growth and success. We want to empower you as we feel empowered at Sugarmoon.


Sugarmoon is now growing into a global family of innovative leaders in responsible hair removal and skin care. Helping people “be beautiful and feel good about it.®


We are growing in Canada, the United States and in Britain. If you are passionate about the beauty industry and interested in sweet success, please reach out to us at franchise@sugarmoonsalon.com. We would love to hear from you.

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