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Raymon Ray

The Value of Strong Personal Branding, with Ramon Ray

Ramon Ray is a four-time entrepreneur, best-selling author, global speaker, and producer. He is Editor & Founder of Smart Hustle Magazine, and his third book is Amazon.com best seller “Facebook Guide to Small Business Marketing.”

Ramon has been invited as an expert witness to Congress, invited by the Office of the President of the United States to speak at the White House, and produced many events including the "Smart Hustle Small Business Conference," "Small Business Summit," "Small Business Technology Tour," "Small Biz Big Things," and more.

What you'll learn about in this episode:

  • Why Ramon highly values marketing with an emphasis on a personal touch as something that is an integral part of a business relationship
  • Why “you are your own company” in many small businesses and the company's success relies heavily on the image you project
  • Ways that Ramon's successful business model allows him to derive approximately one-third of his revenue through talks to associations, groups, and other smaller entities about the importance of developing leads, building customers, and sustaining personal brands
  • How Ramon earns another one-third of his revenue by working with large companies and brands on different types of engagements
  • Methods Ramon has developed to help big brands establish a dialog and have a voice with smaller businesses through content marketing
  • Why advance preparation is essential when we choose to enter an unfamiliar environment
  • How we need to “own” our own turf in the marketing world if we expect to find success
  • Ways that Ramon encourages us to try to find opportunities even in bad experiences, noting that even during a fender-bender we may meet someone who will help us down the road
  • How successful entrepreneurs know the importance of succession planning when they themselves can no longer carry the same workload to make sure that their innovative ideas remain a powerful force even if they have to scale back their direct involvement
  • Why personal branding is imperative and how you can improve your brand