Avanti Entrepreneur Podcast

Renee Lewis

Survival Techniques for the Small Business Entrepreneur with Renee Lewis

Renee Lewis is an award-winning CEO with more than 30 years of experience who specializes in leveraging technology to drive emerging or growth companies succeed.  Her companies have been in the forefront of eLearning, informatics and semantic internet technologies in a variety of industries including telecommunications, elearning, pharmaceuticals and healthcare. 

Leveraging her blended technical and business expertise, she has served as CEO, COO, CTO, CIO and interim-CFO in 14 different startups. She thrives on building high-performance teams and loves to share her “survival” techniques with others who can use them to their advantage to get to their end objective sooner. Her passion is realizing the economic impact of medium and small business and expanding that potential.

Renee’s awards include the 2018 George Washington University Outstanding Service Award, the 2014 Woman of Distinction for the National Association of Women Business Owners of Greater DC, and the 2011 AT&T and Women Impacting Public Policy Innovator of the year for an entrepreneurship program she co-founded to develop female-led technology-or science-based businesses – about 250 in total.

Renee also serves on corporate, civic and non-profit boards. She is a member of the Maryland Mountain Angel Investment Group to help bring much needed business opportunities to western Maryland.  And, she has degrees from Penn State University and the George Washington University.

Renee lives with her husband of 33 years and their rescue dog Diesel.  She has a daughter at Penn State and a son graduating from Clemson in December.