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Robyn Crane

Implementation Has Everything to Do with Personal and Professional Success, with Robyn Crane

Business Growth Expert, Robyn Crane is known for hosting the TV show, The Financial G-Spot, the radio show, Let’s Talk Money, and is a 4-Time #1 Best Selling Author. In her latest book, Make More Money, Help More People, Robyn shares empowering stories of women entrepreneurs in her FEMM Mentorship who have doubled or tripled their income. She also reveals the unknown success strategies that helped her go from making $500 a year to $500,000 a year in her coaching business—in just 2 years!. Her blueprint for financial success has been featured on ABC, The Motley Fool, and Fox Business News.

She’s an engaging and in-demand speaker who is regularly invited to speak at companies, women’s conferences, chambers of commerce, entrepreneurial groups and organizations around the country.

Robyn is on a mission to empower committed and passionate women business owners to make more money and help more people, so they can have a bigger impact on the world. Through her seminars and FEMM Mentorship™ program (Female Empowered Money Makers), Robyn helps these women attract qualified leads and close high paying clients and optimize their time so they can create their ideal business and ideal life.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

• How to transform your business and by doing so how to transform your life

• Tips to grow your business from $500 a year to $500,000

• Why identifying your niche is part of the key to your success

• Understanding how working harder at the beginning means working less once successful

• Why it’s important to keep the momentum going once it’s started

• Why getting information means nothing without implementation

• Understanding why focus is key to success; knowing what comes next and not losing sight of it is part of that focus

• Why it’s important to solve one problem at a time and then move on to the next problem

• How to turn around a negative thought into a positive one to understand you are making progress

• For financial advisors specifically, why it’s not just calling clients, taking them to events, and tracking your activity that matters—your messaging also matters, including what it is and how it’s expressed

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