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Ron Kaminski

Helping Leaders Build High-Performance Teams, with Ron Kaminski

For more than a decade, Ron Kaminski has been helping organizations and leaders build high performance teams. Specializing in workplace culture, change management, and team development, Ron excels at helping companies engage their employees to grow and thrive.

Ron is a graduate of John Carroll University. He has been a small business owner, entrepreneur and speaker since 2003. As a consultant and facilitator, Ron has worked with organizations including Bank of America, Siemens, Ingersoll Rand, Charles Schwab, and the U.S. Army as well as dozens of small businesses. His style and practical solutions have also made him a trusted advisor to many midsize CEO’s who seek better engage and leverage their people.

Ron serves as board member for the Cleveland Chapter of Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO). When he isn't helping teams and leaders tap their full potential, Ron is spending time with his two children, preparing for the next obstacle course race, or on a paddleboard somewhere.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

• Helping organizations and leaders build high-performance teams

• Growing your business to the next level

• Ron’s journey in IT and how he started his business

• The concept of Culture Choc and improving team development

• Gaining feedback from peers and other business owners through candid conversations

• The idea of Culture Choc and The Buffalo Mindset

• Helping entrepreneurial leadership teams achieve more

• The 3 steps to a holistic operating system

• How Entrepreneurial Operating System and vulnerability changed Ron’s life

• Why you get back what you give — tenfold

• Culture Choc’s core values and passion for discovering, engaging, and growing leaders