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Russ Sorrells

Scale and Grow Your Business, with Russ Sorrells

Russ Sorrells helps companies grow revenue by teaching the Sales Mastery Program. After college, he worked as an engineer for a Fortune 200 company before crossing over to the dark side and getting into sales. Since that transition, 18 years ago, he has helped multiple companies quadruple their sales by utilizing the principles of the Sales Mastery Program. It is possible to Double Revenue with the same resources by doubling the closing rates on current opportunities and he teaches the how to in the Sales Mastery Workshops! Russ also owns multiple businesses across different industries.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

• Helping companies grow revenue through the Sales Mastery Program

• The key to success by having multiple revenue streams

• Challenges and lessons of an active entrepreneur

• Buying an asset and having it generate revenue

• Attending the Strategic Coach course and activating the tools

• Commonalities and challenges among entrepreneurs

• What Russ has done to invest in his personal growth

• The downside to pursuing validation of your business ownership

• The simple concept of the Sales Mastery Program

• 5 components and strategies of the Program

• Using mistakes to teach others and start new beginnings

• Finding tools to help you manage your business and your time

• Top 3 pieces of advice to bring your game to the next level