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Managing Your Focus and Energy, with Ryan Ayres

Ryan Ayres is a business consultant & coach. In the last 20 years he’s had the privilege of working with companies of all sizes from massive organizations like Microsoft, Ford, and Sports Illustrated to hundreds of small businesses. Ryan brings the best of these companies and his c-level caliber experience to his clients.

His business, Focus 53, typically works with C-level executives and business. Simply put, he helps his clients solve the technology and operational challenges around leadership, strategy, and innovation so they can continue to grow and thrive. Ryan is also the host of the Focus 53 podcast.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

• The 3 areas that are at the root of problems regardless of company size or value

• Questions to ask to figure out where your focus is

• How to “major on the major things”

• What to do when emails are out of control

• Why “crash and burn” is really only a mental attitude

• The experiences as an athlete that can apply to business

• The “lead dominos” that Ryan focuses on to keep everything else standing

• Building a “margin” into your schedule

• The importance of spending time with yourself

• Managing your energy

• What a survey about Ryan’s strengths revealed

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