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Steve Gissin

Why You Need an Operating Agreement, with Steve Gissin

Steve Gissin is a highly strategic user experience consultant who guides senior leaders of Fortune 500 companies in the study and improvement of their products.

As a professional facilitator, Steve has provided research solutions for some of the top e-commerce companies in the US as well as internationally. During his 15+ years of experience, he has managed and moderated thousands of focus groups, ideation sessions, individual interviews, usability lab sessions, and eye tracking research for a variety of clients across many industries.

Steve has guided venture-funded startups, by providing strategic research services, as they launch their initial online products and services.

Prior to founding OneSpark, Steve was co-founder of a national interactive research firm as well as a former Director of User Experience for a national interactive design firm. At OneSpark he sets the overall vision, while managing client relationships and providing them with strategic user research consulting.

Steve holds a bachelor's degree in English from the State University of New York at Brockport. He is also a certified Creative Problem Solving Institute (CPSI) facilitator.

What you will learn about in this episode:

• Steve’s background
• What his company OneSpark does
• How Steve wound up a business owner even though he never intended to
• What Steve did first when he bought his business
• Why every engagement you have is a sales opportunity
• The terrible partnership that Steve got into, how his partner took advantage of him, and how he eventually got out
• Why you must trust your gut
• How to fix your mindset when you start to feel deficient
• Why you absolutely need an operating agreement


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