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Wendy Keller

You Are Not Your Business, with Wendy Keller

Wendy Keller is a marketing strategist for individuals and business owners, especially those who want to become successful authors, well-paid speakers or consultants. Wendy founded her sixth company, Keller Media, Inc., in 1989.  Keller Media has helped thousands of people like you to develop a brand identity/platform that turns your knowledge and passion into a profitable business or generous extra revenue stream.  

Keller Media has brokered +1,500 rights deals worldwide for books, audio, merchandise, sponsorships, speaking engagements, spokesperson engagements, online training and other types of content-based transactions.  Wendy’s clients include 17 New York Times best-selling authors, 9 international best-selling authors, several hundred professional speakers, household names, media personalities, 2 Nobel nominees, prominent executives, scientists, physicians, scholars, politicians, thought leaders…and many small business people ready to build a compelling platform so that their brand and their income grow rapidly.

What you will learn about this episode:

  • Wendy’s background

  • Learning lessons from mistakes instead of giving up and dealing with the hassle of being an employee

  • The first steps Wendy made to jump start her business

  • What drives Wendy — and how that drive led her to pursue her career

  • What Wendy has learned throughout her career that has made her able to combat the challenges she faces frequently

  • Why you absolutely need to create a Facebook public figure page

  • Mixing up your content to reach people in the way they like to learn

  • Why Wendy has to be relentless

  • Wendy’s favorite book, “The Way to Love” by Anthony de Mello

  • Why Wendy would love to go back and spend time with Henry Clay Frick

  • Why you need a platform to get published by a publisher and Wendy’s new book about building platforms