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The Team To Help You

I would like to introduce you to Stephen Woessner and his team at Predictive ROI. Stephen’s team works alongside my Avanti team to produce our Avanti Entrepreneur Podcast.

Stephen literally wrote the book on why and how to create a "Profitable Podcast". The book [Profitable Podcasting: How to Grow Revenue, Expand Your Platform, and Build a Nation of True Fans] is scheduled to be released by AMACOM in August 2017. It is the world's most comprehensive guide on how to create and use podcasting as a new business development tool within a business-to-business professional services firm.

His worldwide network consists of 600+ experts and thought leaders. Unlike any other company, he can help you create a guest list along with subject matter experts from a variety of relevant and complementary fields. His own podcast Onward Nation is heard in 104 countries and was named one of the top business podcasts!

How It Makes You Money

Stephen and his team have a proven revenue model that does not require selling ads or sponsorships within your podcast. For example, his Onward Nation podcast will generate $2 million in revenue for Predictive ROI over the next 12-months. He exclusively produces podcasts for business-to-business service firms and applies the same revenue generating system with them.

What Else Do I Get Out Of It?

You have all heard that “content is king” if you want to be successful. And it’s true! The more, and better content you have, the more trust, expertise, and professionalism you convey to prospects. With a podcast, you will finally have that steady stream of great content you and your marketing team have been trying to produce! And it isn’t just audio content...

Will It Work For My Business?

Are you a business-to-business service firm? If so, then yes. One of their clients is a PR firm with offices in San Francisco, New York, and Boston has used their podcast to generate new business from guests. Another of their clients operates an engineering talent recruiting firm in Everett, Washington and has used their podcast to add value to existing clients and close engagements with new client.


Fill Your Sales Pipeline, Without Making A Cold Call

How would having a steady stream of qualified prospects flowing into your sales pipeline change the game for you?

It's exciting to think about. No doubt, it's substantial.

I have something that will give you and your business a new tool to attract qualified prospects, get you access to hard to reach decision makers, as well as a PR tool that can be repurposed for social media.

And imagine you and your business being seen as the leader in your industry with a top-ranked podcast in iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, and iHeart Radio — while your competition doesn't have one!

How Can I Get More Info? 

Just fill out the form below I will make a personal introduction between you and Stephen!


"Launching our Absolute Advantage podcast — and using it as our Trojan Horse of Sales as Stephen recommends — was an excellent business development decision. We have already closed $64,000 in new revenue and have built a sales pipeline with additional opportunities as a direct result of our show."

Kelly Hatfield, founder at Enginuity Advantage

“Our podcast has generated more than $180,000 in new revenue, and we are well on our way to signing a five-figure sponsorship with a major brand. Our email list and website traffic have grown — and — we have increased prices due to the strong demand from our audience. You need to add Stephen’s smarts to your team.”

Mitch Stephen, author and investor producer, “Real Estate Investor Summit” podcast

“I was looking for more ways to help my agency-owner clients and prospects improve their bottom line. I know they’re all multi-taskers, so picking the brains of experts in the agency space and package their knowledge into a podcast seemed perfect. We've followed Stephen’s strategy and tactical steps to launch and grow our “Build a Better Agency” Podcast. In less than two years, we have we’ve earned more than $200,000 through increased workshop attendance, coaching clients, and network members. To top it off, Hubspot recently signed on as the presenting sponsor.”

Drew McLellan, CEO, Agency Management Institute